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The Band YACHT on: Portlandia, True Tales of Life on Tour, and Their Amazon Studios Project


YACHTBy Ernest Jasmin

The endless driving. The run-ins with pompous tour managers. The occasional blunt trauma by the taco truck. 

The members of Los Angeles-based YACHT have experienced some ridiculous things on the road with their up-and-coming indie band. And they realized their bizarre touring lives were a TV show in the making long before they began working, in earnest, on Support, a project just picked up for development by Amazon Studios

Support is an ensemble comedy series based on their years on the road, being the lowly opening act for bands like Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Vampire Weekend and LCD Soundsystem. And recently, we caught up with the quartet — Jona Bechtolt, Claire Evans, Rob Kieswetter and Jeff Brodsky — to talk about how closely art imitates life in their new project. 

Hollywonk: On the surface, there seem to be parallels to what you’re doing now and Portlandia in that you’re cool indie musicians with roots in Portland breaking into comedy. [YACHT started in the Northwest.] Do you draw any inspiration from what Carrie Brownstein and Fred Armisen have been able to do with that show?

Claire: There are parallels in a sense that they’re people from our world who are making a comedy show. But I think that it’s a very different show. And although Support begins in Portland, it certainly goes off in a lot of different directions very quickly. 

Jeff: It’s funny because I was actually eating brunch yesterday in Portland, Oregon and Carrie Brownstein was [nearby.] 

I feel like yes and no to the Portlandia question in that it does skewer and take on the subject matter of young people with disposable incomes and young, educated people living in cities. But I think it tries to go a little farther in humanizing that demographic a little bit.

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